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Normally installed in the garden of the house

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Posted on: 06/13/18
 They used to utilize this device in their temples. It is also known as Feng Shui because it helps in spreading positivism all around the house. Its pleasing and captivating sound allows the positive feeling to reside in the house. Water flows continuously through these chains from one trinket to another and finally it goes to the barrel which is attached to the gutter. The whole process works under the water so it is very much essential to use such type of metal which do not get affected by water. There are some of the designs which facilitates rare and antique texture to the trinkets of rain chains such as crocus cups appears as a crocus flower, pine apple shaped cups, blue bell cups of blue color, brass lily cups which Flat twin screw barrel are made up of brass and adapted in the shape of lily flower, copper cups which are made up of copper.Rain chain is a perfect alternative for those people who are keen to provide a descent look to their house. Some of them are rectangular, diamond, hexagons, octagons and square as well. There is a wider scope in respect of their designs and shapes. It contains a series of trinkets which are connected to one another with the help of a chain. In this way it is a multi-purpose device which harvests the rain water, protects the wall and floor of the house from the rainy water, beautify the exterior of the house. This decorative tool came in limelight during the Olympics of Nagano in 1998 in America. In Japan rain chains was famous by a name as 'Kusari Doi'.

 It is normally installed in the garden of the house so that water collected in the barrel of this chain can be made useful for various purposes such as watering plants.

Among all the above varieties available in the market rain chain with copper cups is declared to be the best. This element is constructed in a unique structure. It is said to be an eco-friendly device because copper is a rust-free metal it does not form rust after reacting with water.

You may be amazed to know that this magical device was introduced by Japanese.


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