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Often raise to take it down unimproved
 I have noticed though that a lot of players have INDIVIDUAL betting patterns that one can easily abuse if one ... ...

Often raise to take it down unimproved

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Posted on: 06/13/18
 I have noticed though that a lot of players have INDIVIDUAL betting patterns that one can easily abuse if one pays attention. calling is sometimes underrated as it gives no information away and leaves your opponent second guessing. Easy to trap, will call you down with very little. I second barrel only if I think I can make the guy fold (if he was floating), this time about 1/2 the pot. He gets really afraid if you raise them, so instead of calling with a draw I would often raise to take it down unimproved.

I am sure this can go on a lot, so please contribute'

For myself I like to not give away tells by my way of betting. A lot of times he/she would call your raise, check on the turn and fold to a further bet.

 I am trying to classify (i know, this is not very individual, but there are certain types of players that one meets regularly) types of players and how one can abuse their betting pattern because it gives away information that gives you an edge over your opponents. This is just a start'

The Nit: Easy to play with as he bets a lot if he has a good hand and little if he doesnt. A lot of nits put out little defensive (min-)bets when out position. I almost never minbet (except if I want to induce a bluff/raise), just as I barely ever minraise (never preflop) , except if i want to induce a call, like if i flop the nuts and someone showed strengths in his betting'. A great play is to abuse that in a following way: Let's say you flop a set on a nice flop, bet out and get raised by someone you put on top pair: you call the raise and check the turn, your opponent will bet aggressively and will be totally puzzled if you play back at him'(because your betting pattern doesnt make sense)

maniacs: often overbet pots that are checked to them, so you can checkraise them well (but only if you have a hand). I checkraise for value and Information, not as a principle Double alloy screw barrel Manufacturers(a lot of players checkraise to much). Other times just coldcall their bets with a hand as they will likely fire a second barrel.One mistake one should not make is to generalize betting patterns. I c-bet around 2/3rds of the pot most of the time (except I am against a notorious check-raiser and opt to take a free card, or there are more than two opponents in the hand).


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